PR for labels require a different approach, fostering a spirit and a particular aesthetic across all it releases and its various artists. Deeplomatic PR has experience in working with labels that are house-hold names as well as for up-and-coming labels debuting their music. The essence lies in creating something that is specific to your label and marketing it to all the electronic music contacts we have been able to amass over the years.

In working with new and established labels our purpose is to portray a consistent message throughout all the releases that sticks to the label’s unique core values. Deeplomatic has a substantial database of social media channels crazy about electronic music. We can help increase your number of followers and widen the reach of artists on your label and their latest releases or upcoming event. We provide custom designed social media campaigns to grab the attention of electronic music fans and electronic music insiders.

Deeplomatic PR works with labels on their campaign to maximise global impact. Managing and creating many progressive press opportunities by targeting local and international electronic music and lifestyle press for artist interviews or feature pieces on the label itself. Constructing bespoke press releases to distribute among national and international media. We are all hand on deck full time to build international attention and offer full reports of all activity on demand.

Deeplomatic PR has worked on long term and one-off projects for various labels in electronic music. We create bespoke PR campaigns ready to distribute among our hefty roster of local and international electronic music outlets to cultivate the best media coverage pre as well as post release. Securing exclusive magazine features, interviews, mixes, brand partnerships, spotlight features on sites like Beatport. Additionally, we offer day-to-day management in between projects or releases like label spotlights and features on different electronic music media outlets.

Deeplomatic PR has a known history with supplying top talent for electronic music events and radio stations. With our international reach we can help labels acquire showcase spots bring more exposure to the labels’ and their artists. In addition, we have a history of securing featured airplay spots, exclusive mixes on local and international radio stations for your artists. Some of our radio partnerships include Ibiza Global Radio, Kiss FM Australia, Deep House Radio and about 30 more.

Deeplomatic PR’s Mass Media Campaign encompasses all the different campaigns (Social Media, International Press, PR Campaign, Clubs & Radio) at a discounted rate. This would include building your label profile, pitching to electronic music magazines, radios and blogs along with planning a showcase for you. It also includes brand collaborations, sponsors for your events among our many other exclusive services under The Mass Media Campaign.

Deeplomatic PR has a talented in-house design team to create engaging and creative designs for you. From, designing press kits to logos, banners, animated gifs, videos, flyers and more. We work to understand your vision and have it accurately interpreted in our designs for you, to help make your profile stand out and get the right kind of attention your label requires.

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